Women's support services

From defending their rights to earn a living to protecting them against domestic violence and to empowering them to live independently, there are a range of organisations providing services specifically to women.  Here is a list of such organisations should you require their services.

inTouch is Victoria's multicultural centre against family violence. It is a leading state-wide accredited organisation providing services, programs and responses to issues of family violence in migrant and refugee communities. It develops and implements a number of culturally sensitive and holistic models for the provision of services to both victims and perpetrators of family violence. In tackling the issues of family violence it acts on multiple levels – individual, relationship and community.
WIRE offers a free information & referral service for all Victorian women, no matter what the issue. WIRE stands for Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc. We are the only Victoria-wide free generalist information, support and referral service run by women for women. WIRE aims to be inclusive of women from all backgrounds and experiences, including women of all genders. We aim to create an environment which is free of exploitation and discrimination. It offers a range of gender-specific training programs, and also research and advocate for women’s issues such as financial literacy and economic security, work-life balance and violence against women.
The Migrant Women’s Emergency Support Service Inc. (MWESS Inc.) is an incorporated, not-for profit community organisation funded by the Department of Communities to provide a Sexual Assault Service; the Department of Housing and Public Works to provide a Domestic Violence Service; and the Department of Social Services to provide an Emergency Relief Service. Their services combine to operate as the Immigrant Women’s Support Service (IWSS), a specialist service response for immigrant and refugee women from non-English speaking background and their children who have experienced domestic and/or sexual violence.
Young Women's Crisis Service provides intensive crisis support for young women aged 16 to 24 and their children. They can support you if you are a young woman aged 16 to 24, with or without children, you are experiencing a housing crisis, your living situation is breaking down, you currently live in the North/West region of metropolitan Melbourne.
 Women's Legal Service Victoria is a not for profit organisation which has been providing free legal services to women since 1982. They work with and for women experiencing particular disadvantage to address legal issues arising from relationship breakdown or violence.