Health support services

You will find here a long list of community health organisations that specialise in mental health medical, dental, allied health, aged care and counselling services. We hope that you will find this list of services useful if and when you happen to need them. 

This list of organisations below are readily available to assist you in the event that you need their services.

Health& helps manage your and your family’s health online. Using this online portal you can sak common health questions, access health checks, which assess your risk for common health conditions, set-up personalised health reminders to keep up-to-date with vaccinations, mammograms and other medical appointments and search medically-accurate and engaging health information.
cohealth is a not-for-profit community health organisation that provides vital local health and support services including medical, dental, allied health, mental health, aged care and counselling, and many specialist health services across Melbourne’s CBD, northern and western suburbs. The people who use cohealth services often face significant health disadvantages, have ongoing and complex health and support needs, and are frequently at risk of falling through gaps in health services and funding systems. cohealth responds to people’s needs by delivering a wide range of low cost, high-quality, accessible health care and support services. cohealth promotes health and wellbeing, works to prevent ill-health and better manage health conditions, and is a keen advocate for improved access to health care for all.
Sane Australia is an organisation that strives to raise awareness on mental health and create a support group online for people who are suffering from mental illness. They run an online forum and support service. They also collaborate with other mental health groups across the country and provide a helpline advisor if you need help. The SANE Help Centre provides the information, guidance, and referrals you need to manage mental health concerns.
 Grow is a unique organisation that comprises of a few professionals that directly work with people who have mental health problems. The approach Grow uses to address the mental issues of their clients is different from what others use. They initiate their services through mutual help, friendship and support from the community. Grow believes that by using the experiences of an individual in helping a mentally ill patient to recover from a mental ailment is far more effective.
 Beyondblue is one of the most popular mental health organisations in Australia that provides comprehensive resources related to mental health issues and disorders. They are a non-profit organisation that aims to increase mental health awareness and understanding of depression and anxiety to reduce social stigma.
Mind Australia is one of the leading providers of mental health services in Victoria and the Southern part of Australia. They are driven to provide support to their clients for them to live independently despite their mental illness and aid these clients to full recovery.
 The Mind Health Connect website is a melting pot of mental health resources from other organisations that are directly involved with mental health around the Australian region. The website provides relevant information about different mental health topics, particularly depression, anxiety and stress.
 Headspace is a National Youth Mental Health Foundation in Australia that provides a timely intervention for mental health issues for young kids age 12 to adulthood. This website makes it easy for those individuals who are experiencing mental health issues to seek help and support.
 Mental Health in Multicultural Australia is an organisation that promotes mental health by creating projects that prevent the occurrence of suicide and preventing the development of mental illness. Their projects mainly build capacity on people affected by mental illness and also their families and communities.
 Lifeline is an Australian charity that aims to save lives, offer support during crisis and stop the increasing number of deaths due to suicide. This group provides a 24/7 information and support services online. If anyone needs help or support, he/she can chat directly to their crisis support.
 Open Minds believes in working hand in hand to achieve mental health and overall well-being. They offered personalized and tailored mental health services that are focused on the individual needs of every individual who is receiving care that includes shelter, a source of income, health and lifestyle.
 Orygen Youth Health is the leading mental health organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. They focused on early intervention and detection on young people from ages 15 to 25 years old. Orygen is an Australian centre for the youth’s mental health and strives to deliver quality services and cutting-edge research and ensures improvement in the care and treatments given to those who are affected with mental illness.
 Relationships Australia Victoria is a leading provider of relationship support services for individuals, families and communities. It is a valued provider of specialist family and relationship services. Our vision is for positive, safe and respectful relationships for couples, families, schools, workplaces and communities. We aim to relieve the suffering, distress and helplessness of vulnerable and disadvantaged people so as to enhance their physical, social and emotional wellbeing.