Student tutoring services

Every parent wants the best for their child. Whether that be personal happiness, confidence or strong academic results we all want positive outcomes for our children. While some students can be catered for in traditional classroom settings with the standard curriculum, others have different needs.

We as a community want to be able to provide a situation where these needs are met. Ideally, we would like to run group tutoring classes focussing on standard content determined by participating students, also giving them the option to work on school assignments and homework.

Students who participate in group tutoring sessions have the opportunity to develop ideas and to solve problems collectively, drawing on each other’s understanding of the problem at hand. Highly effective group tutoring also fosters friendships based around learning and mastery and peer groups that are positive and supportive.

It’s so important for students to connect with peers that will encourage their learning rather than detract from it.

To bring this idea to life, we need to create a specialist group of people who are willing to volunteer their time on a regular basis.

Please use our contacts page to send us a message if you would like to become a volunteer tutor.

We will make an announcement on this page once we have enough number of volunteers registered to run the program.