Voting in elections

Australia is a representative democracy, which means that Australians vote to elect members of parliament to make laws and decisions on their behalf. It is compulsory for Australian citizens 18 years and over to enrol to vote. It is also compulsory to attend a voting place on Election Day, or to vote by mail.

Transportation in Victoria

VicRoads is the Victorian Government agency responsible for maintenance and construction of the arterial road network, as well as driver licensing and vehicle registration in the state of Victoria. It has broad responsibility for road safety policy and research. It is also responsible for regulating the accident towing industry in Victoria.

Australia's political system

Australia's formal name is the Commonwealth of Australia. It is both a representative democracy and a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as Australia's head of state.

Australia's national events

26 January is Australia Day 
Australia Day is observed as a public holiday in all states and territories. People come together as a nation to celebrate what's great about Australia and being Australian. 

Australia's healthcare system

The Australian healthcare system has many different types services available to help you.  It provides a wide range of services, from population health and prevention through to general practice and community health, emergency health services, hospital care, rehabilitation and palliative care.

Housing and accommodation

The Victorian Housing Register (the register) is the way applications for social housing are managed in Victoria. It brings together public and community housing applications so that you only need to apply once to access a broad range of social housing options.

Becoming Australian citizen

To become Australian citizen, you need to meet the residence requirements, be of good character and intend to live or maintain a close and continuing association with Australia.

Jury service

Jury service is an integral part of Victoria's justice system. Juries are made up of citizens randomly selected from the Victorian Electoral Roll. Every year, thousands of Victorians give their time to attend jury service.