Question 1. Who founded this online community?

Yehulum Ethiopian Community Online is founded by a group of Ethiopians in Melbourne who wanted to contribute to the formation of a dynamic Ethiopian community that utilises the Internet and digital technologies to better connect, collaborate and solve our longstanding community problems.

Question 2. What does Yehulum mean and how did you choose the name?

Yehulum means “everyone’s” – meaning the community is inclusive of everyone in the state of Victoria who is of Ethiopian descent and shares the vision of the community. The name Yehulum was one of many suggestions put forward for consideration and was the favorite of the majority.

Question 3. What is the main purpose of this online community?

The main purpose of Yehulum is to help create and maintain a community that is focused on providing various services to its members. The services would enable all members to have a vibrant community life and a strong sense of belonging, and would also help community members integrate very well into the Australian way of life. As an inclusive community that truly serves all of its members equally, the Yehulum will always be free from any political, racial or religious ties and biases.

To benefit its members and to facilitate their integration into the Australian way of life, Yehulum will actively promote access to services that are available by governments and other bodies. It will promote full participation by Victoria's Ethiopian community in the social, economic, cultural and political life of the wider Australian society. Yehulum will also develop and maintain co-operation with all tiers of government, professional or trade associations and Ethiopian community associations, clubs and other community bodies.

Question 4. There already is an Ethiopian community organisation in Victoria. Why did you feel the need to create another Ethiopian community organisation?

While there is an existing Ethiopian community organisation that was established in the early 1990s, it has somehow been unable to provide services that are badly and frequently needed by many members of the community. Therefore, Yehulum is stepping in to fill the vacuum by creating an online community for all Ethiopians where they can solve their problems by connecting and collaborating with each other.

This online community will strive to cater for the various needs of members of the Ethiopian community in Victoria regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or political persuasion. Since promoting unity among Victoria's Ethiopian community members and various groups is one of Yehulum’s objectives, it will work and cooperate with the existing community organisation to this end.

Question 5. How is this online community funded?

As a community organisation founded by community members volunteering their time and personal resources, the initial phase of its development is entirely reliant upon the continued support of its members in the short term. But financial, material and other forms of assistance will be sought from government and other bodies to help maintain the organisation in the long term.

Question 6. How can I become a member of Yehulum?

The easiest way to join Yehulum is via our website where you can submit an application form requesting to become a member. If you are not able to submit a membership application via the website, you can always contact one of our community organisers.