An Ethiopian online community wants to have a fresh start

by Befekir Kebede
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A newly launched Ethiopian online community that has its base on this very website is founded by a group of Ethiopians in who wanted to contribute to the formation of a dynamic Ethiopian community that utilises the Internet and digital technologies to better connect, collaborate and solve longstanding community problems.

The shared vision of these Ethiopians is to help grow a strongly connected community in Victoria that focuses purely on local issues in order to address its unmet needs. To achieve its goals, this online community aspires to provide information that is relevant and beneficial to Ethiopians in Victoria and to help connect members to various services that they may need.

These services would enable all members to have a vibrant community life and a strong sense of belonging, and would also help community members integrate very well into the Australian way of life. To benefit its members and to facilitate their integration into the Australian way of life, Yehulum will actively promote access to services that are available by governments and other bodies. It will promote full participation by Victoria's Ethiopian community in the social, economic, cultural and political life of the wider Australian society.

This virtual organisation will also develop and maintain co-operation with all tiers of government, professional or trade associations and Ethiopian community associations, clubs and other community bodies. As an inclusive community that truly serves all of its members equally, Yehulum will always be free from any political, racial or religious ties and biases. While the formation of Yehulum Ethiopian community initially takes place online, our plan is to guide it to evolve into a more physical existence eventually. If you are of Ethiopian descent living in the state of Victoria, and share this vision, we would like to invite you to get involved and help shape the direction of this exciting project.