Driving and public transportation

by Befekir Kebede
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VicRoads is the Victorian Government agency responsible for maintenance and construction of the arterial road network, as well as driver licensing and vehicle registration in the state of Victoria. It has broad responsibility for road safety policy and research. It is also responsible for regulating the accident towing industry in Victoria.

You must be at least 18 years of age to get a Victorian driver licence. Whether you are issued a full or probationary licence will depend on your age and how long you have held your overseas driver licence.

You need to get a car learner permit if you are planning to learn to drive for the first time. A car learner permit allows you to drive a car on the road with an experienced driver while you are learning to drive. Find out how to get your learner permit and access the online practice learner permit knowledge test.

If you hold an overseas driver licence and want to drive a vehicle in Victoria, you can check your eligibility to qualify for a Victorian driver licence in the overseas drivers section of the VicRoads website.


Public transport

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) is a statutory authority that manages Victoria’s train, tram and bus services. It provides a single contact point for you to gain information on public transport services, fares, tickets and initiatives.
Melbourne has the largest operating tram network in the world with 250 kilometres of double track and Yarra Trams operates Melbourne's entire tram network.
Metro Trains Melbourne operates Melbourne's fleet of 420 three-car train sets.
V/Line is a Victorian Government-owned corporation that operates the regional passenger train and coach services in Victoria.
myki is a reusable travel card for trains, trams and buses in Melbourne and regional Victorian centres.