Mahmoud Ahmed and Ali Birra to sing in Melbourne

by Befekir Kebede
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Melbourne's Ethio-jazz band The JAzmaris will join the veteran Ethiopian singers to perform at the city’s premier arts venue: The Arts Centre Melbourne. The Arts Centre Melbourne is calling it “an electrifying celebration of Ethiopian jazz” and it is the first time for Mahmoud Ahmed and Ali Birra to hold a joint concert on an Australian stage.

The two great Ethiopian singers will be joined by The JAzmaris – a Melbourne-based Ethiopian Jazz band that has incredibly talented Ethiopian saxophone, keyboard, guitar and drum players among its members.

The Arts Centre is already selling tickets for the concert that is to be held on Sunday 14 May 2017.

There will be two identical shows on the day: first at 3.00pm and at 7.00pm.

Visit the Arts Centre website to book your tickets.