Housing and accomodation

The Victorian Housing Register (the register) is the way applications for social housing are managed in Victoria. It brings together public and community housing applications so that you only need to apply once to access a broad range of social housing options.

There are two application types:

  • Register of Interest, for people to register their interest in being considered for social housing
  • Priority Access for those most in need.

Public housing is managed by the Victorian Government and is for people most in need, especially those who have recently experienced homelessness or have other special needs. Community housing is managed by not-for-profit organisations that are registered by the government. Some community housing providers specialise in helping certain groups of people such as people with a disability, women, single and older people. Both community and public housing provide long term rental accommodation for people on low incomes.

In general, to be eligible for social housing you must

  • live in Victoria
  • have Australian citizenship or permanent residency status
  • not earn or own more than the current social housing income and asset limits
  • not be subject to Centrelink’s two-year waiting period for newly-arrived migrants
  • not own or part-own a house, unit or flat
  • provide the required proof of identity, residency status, and income and other documents

If you have access to the internet, the easiest way to apply is through myGov: my.gov.au. You will need a myGov account linked to the Victorian Housing Register Application. Go to my.gov.au and sign in to your myGov account, then select Services to link to the Victorian Housing Register. Or, if you don’t have a myGov account yet, it will take just a few minutes of your time to create one at myGov. Once you are in the application follow the prompts to complete your application. You can also use the online application to update your details on an existing application. If you would like more information about applying online you can visit www.housing.vic.gov.au/apply


Private rental options

There are a number of options depending on what you need.

  • Houses, flats, apartments and townhouses: These are usually found through newspaper, online and real estate agent listings.
    See finding a place to rent for some tips
  • Student housing: This housing is mostly provided by tertiary institutions. Check university or TAFE websites and noticeboards to see what's available. See the Tenants Union of Victoria website for information about student housing
  • Rooming houses: Always check that a rooming house is registered before you sign an agreement or move in. Read more about rooming houses on the Consumer Affairs website. Consumer Affairs Victoria's website also has a full list of rooming houses
  • Sharing: Consider sharing a place with someone else, like a friend. That way you can share the rent payments and other bills. Youth Central website also has information on share housing.